Daily Habits, or Something for Nothing?

How often are we promised a list of "tips and tricks" that will get us ahead, only to find out the "secrets to success" we've been sold are basically nothing more than a list of daily habits that resemble hard work? 

Think about it - small, simple, daily actions are so special because when executed over time they compound into something much, much bigger. But this stuff's boring, right? - Just give me the downloadable shortcut video so I can go on being successful in my spare time. Haha - I guess that's why so many people market their content packaged up as "Shortcuts" or "Industry Secrets," - hard work is boring to talk about. Besides - who's online shopping for some hard work? Not me - I want something for nothing. 

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Anyone can do the daily habit piece, and it's no secret if you focus on something and work toward a goal without quitting - you will get there... the good news is changing your daily habits has a drastic impact on short term outcomes: try getting up 2-3 hours early, or staying late, going to the gym, or eating less sugar, talking to your wife, husband, kids, business partner, or doing daily research, business study, religious study, investment in self, investment in community... on and on... and see what transforms in your life. What's going to get you to the finish line faster, shortcuts, or consistent daily habits? You decide.